Give the gift of Wellness this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s day just around the corner, it’s easy to become submerged in the commercialisation that surrounds the day.

A bunch of flowers is a nice token of appreciation, but rather than focusing on giving gifts, why not take some time to think about their health and wellness?

No matter what stage we’re at in our lives, our mums have always been there for us; from being our first role model to supporting us as we grow up, to making sure we always have food to eat and a shoulder to cry on, and later in life, continuing to provide us with limitless knowledge and support.

After all our mums have done for us, Mother’s Day is a time we can show our appreciation. Our mental health and wellbeing are key factors for living a happy life, so Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to nurture this.

This year, why not treat your mum to one of the below ideas?

Spa day

Spas are great for mental and physical relaxation, which reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and helps you sleep.

They are also said to improve your cardiac health, according to Bruce Becker, M.D., who suggests immersing yourself in water up to your neck gives you a cardiac workout.

Gifting your mum with a spa day is not only a meaningful present, but also has the benefit of you being able to treat yourself at the same time.

Prepare healthy Mother’s Day snacks

The act of baking is meditating and stimulates our creativity, which increases the level of feel-good endorphins in our bodies.

Cooking with our mums allows for some much-needed bonding time in a relaxed environment.

Cooking and eating healthy and nutritious foods gives our body the fuel it needs to manage our energy levels, improving our mood and decreasing stress.

Vitamins and Minerals

Is your mum getting the vitamin levels she needs? Why not gift her with a box of Nutrivitality Immune Support, Boost or ClearVision


Vitamins for Women's Health


Go for a walk/jog

Regular physical exercise improves muscle strength and boosts endurance, giving us more energy.

Exercise helps our cardiovascular system to work more efficiently, so that we have more energy to go about your daily activities.

It also helps raise energy levels by promoting better sleep, as well as producing endorphins to boost our mood.

This mother’s day, why not take your mum out for some exercise? A simple walk or jog around your local park will be enough to boost your mood.