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Fitness support vitamins

Discover our most effective vitamins to support your fitness journey. These essential nutrients are ideal for muscle growth and recovery. Our fitness supplements are designed using liquid or our signature Nutriprotect Liposome Technology to deliver high absorption rates that give you that all important boost, right when you need it. Replenish vital vitamins lost through exercise and give your body the fuel it needs to build new muscle and high-impact exercise. 

  • Which vitamins are good for exercise recovery?

    As you exercise, you tear and stress your muscles which can stimulate recovery and growth as you rest. A diet rich in a variety of proteins, fruit and veg will contribute to healthy muscle growth, as well as a few key vitamins and botanicals. Vitamin D contributes to normal muscle function, vitamin C is key to combating oxidative stress, inflammation and speeding up the muscle healing process, and ashwagandha has been found to aid muscle healing, muscle mass and strength. 

  • Which vitamins boost energy?

    Vitamin B12 enables your body to use the iron taken in through your food and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. It’s most effective when combined with iron supplements. The compound CoQ10 can also help to fight oxidative stress and generate energy in your cells.  

  • What vitamins are good for sporting performance?

    It’s important to fuel your body with everything it needs before and after exercise. Supplements that boost energy, such as vitamin B12 and CoQ10 are ideal before exercising, while replenishing water and electrolytes is a good idea after a workout. It’s also important to take in nutrients that fuel bone, joint and muscle health such as calcium, vitamin D and collagen to support your body through the extra stress caused by intense exercise.