Vitamins for anxiety

Modern life can be stressful, and everyone has experienced stress and anxiety at some point. Our supplements and vitamins contribute towards healthy brain function, mood and mental health, helping to curb the effects of anxiety. Give your body a boost and all the fuel it needs to get you through the day. From feeling irritable and on edge, to having trouble sleeping, Nutrivitality is here to support your wellbeing and give you a break from the symptoms of anxiety.  

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  • Which vitamins are good for anxiety?

    A lack of vitamin C can leave you feeling weakened and fatigued, so it’s important to top up to combat some of the common signs of anxiety. B vitamins are also beneficial for cognitive function, a healthy nervous system and fighting the signs of stress. Ashwagandha has also been associated with reduction of stress levels, anxiety and better sleep.  

    It’s important to note that vitamins alone won’t cure anxiety completely and if you suffer from regular bouts of anxiety, please talk to your health care professional to discuss further treatment.  

  • What are the symptoms of anxiety?

    We all experience anxiety to varying degrees in our lives, mainly in prolonged stressful situations, however some people experience chronic anxiety which can start to affect their daily lives. It can vary from person to person, however common symptoms can include; restlessness, a persistent sense of dread or fear, feeling constantly “on edge”, difficulty concentrating and irritability. They can also include physical symptoms like an irregular heartbeat, muscle aches, feeling sick and insomnia. 

  • Are B vitamins good for anxiety?

    Although B vitamins are found naturally in a variety of foods, like spinach, peas, bananas, and dairy products, some people struggle to get enough from their diet. Vitamin B can help to reduce the effects of anxiety by promoting healthy nervous system function. When the nervous system is not functioning properly, the adrenal glands store up cortisol (the hormone produced during times of stress that causes the “fight or flight” response) and in turn, produces these negative symptoms.