Our Formats

Each product type is formulated to deliver optimum performance over several different formats and technologies. In addition, each unit is carefully bottled and topped with Nitrogen headspace ensuring maximum freshness when the consumer opens the product for the first time.

Intra-oral absorption

All our supplements begin to be absorbed as soon as they enter the body. Still, orally-absorbed supplements further utilise the mouth’s absorption potential, which uses the soft, absorbent tissue and proximity of our vein system to maximise absorption further.


Our traditional bottles are typically the best format for ingredients where the API requires 5ml or more and comes with a measuring device of either a syringe or incremented measuring cup. This format enables easy dosing and can be added to a drink or taken undiluted straight from the bottle.


Our droppers pack a punch offering meaningful strength in a small volume, allowing for dosing under the tongue or with a drink.


Intra-oral sprays offer the ultimate in convenience, allowing you to take Nutrivitality on the go. An excellent option for children and the elderly, who often prefer this delivery method. Sprays do not need to be taken with a drink or food and are an ideal substitute to traditional supplementation.


Our sachets doses are pre-measured and designed for those on the go, so all you have to do is tear and take. The sachets easily fit in a handbag, gym bag or even a washbag to ensure you can keep up with your vitamin intake wherever you are.

Why Liquids?

Why Liposomals?

All nutrients must be liquid before they can reach the cells of the body. The nearer nutrients are to this state before being taken, the quicker and the more completely they will be absorbed. So, we make our products ready for absorption before they go into your body, leading to greater and quicker absorption than traditional methods such as tablets.

Liquids are also an excellent option for those who don’t like swallowing pills and capsules. In addition, we offer sachets for on-the-go, drinks, mouth sprays and dropper bottles for ease of use depending on the target consumer.

Liquids also offer far more flexibility in dosing, meaning we can incorporate formulas that wouldn’t be possible in tablets.

NutriProtect Liposome Technology is our proprietary delivery mechanism for our liquid products, enabling the best possible products with the highest absorption.

Our liposome range offers all the advantages of liquids but delivers even higher reliable absorption, including intracellular absorption, due to the unique way liposomes are deployed. Each dose of our liposome products contains over 15 million liposomes working to maximise the effect of the active ingredient.