Our Liposome Quality Assurance

Not all Liposomes are equal. Manufacturing liposomes requires very precise and technical science to ensure quality and a stable product.


Liposomal sizing

Stability & Shelf Life



Some liposomal supplements are created with added alcohol to stabilise the liposomes; this can be up to 15% in some cases. However, at Nutrivitality, we don't believe in adding alcohol into health foods and have developed a unique method to remove alcohol from our products whilst keeping them fully stable.


Size is essential for optimal absorption. Too big and absorption becomes difficult, too small and they carry smaller amounts of nutrients which can get stuck in the body. The ideal is a range of sizes between 100nm-250nm across. Our liposomes are manufactured to this size and are characterized in the laboratory under Electron Microscopes and other laboratory techniques.


Liposomes can be unstable if not formulated correctly or created without precision. They can collide and merge to become the wrong size or even fall apart entirely, leading to no liposomes within the product before the expiry date. Additionally, many nutrients and liposomes themselves can be unstable when subjected to air. Nutrivitality liposomes are completely stable until the product's expiry date, meaning you get the best absorption possible.


Ingredients used in liposomal products are critical to the stability and performance of the product itself. Poorly chosen ingredients can lead to liposomes splitting over time. Nutrivitality focuses on pure, quality ingredients which have been quality tested to ensure the product is stable over time and delivers exactly what is on the back of the pack.

Understanding Liposomal Technology

Maximum absorption, liposomal technology

NutriProtect liposomal technology is a significant innovation in nutrition delivery. Our technology is designed to deliver maximum vitamins and nutrients into your body compared to traditional tablets.

Phospholipid Structure
A phospholipid is the basic structure of a liposome. We use innovative manufacturing technology to assemble phospholipids into liposomes.

Before Liposome Intracellular Release
Liposomes encase the nutrients like a shield while in transit, protecting against stresses from the stomach and intestine until they reach the intestine’s cell membrane. Stresses typically include harsh pH environments (ranging from 2 to 8), soft muscular movements of the stomach and intestine, enzymes in digestive juices and more. When the liposomes approach the cell membranes, they begin to interact due to similar structures in their chemistry.

During Liposome Intracellular Release
The interaction between the liposomes and cell membranes allows the nutrients to release precisely where they need to be for optimal absorption and effectiveness.

After Liposome Intracellular release
After being released, the nutrients are absorbed by the cell and used by the body.


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