Children's Range

Discover liquid vitamins for kids at Nutrivitality, designed to help you take care of your children’s health and wellbeing and get them into good, healthy habits from an early age. Our collection of vitamins for kids includes a Children’s Multivitamin formula and a separate Preschool Multivitamin for younger children. These children’s vitamins come in spray form, so they’re super easy to give to fussy kids.

Children's Multivitamin Children's Multivitamin

Children’s Multivitamin

Liquid - Sprays

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Pre-School Multivitamin Pre-School Multivitamin

Pre-School Multivitamin

Liquid - Bottles

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Nutrivitality’s children’s vitamins all come in liquid form to make them easy to take and hassle-free to fit into a busy morning routine. They’re all fruit-flavoured too, which means they taste great – like all the best vitamins for kids, they won’t even realise they’re consuming something that’s good for them! Liquid vitamins for kids absorb faster and more efficiently than pill-based formulas, so you can be sure they’re getting to work quickly.

Our liquid preschool multivitamin is one of the best vitamins for kids aged 3+, as it contains calcium, iron, and vitamin D, which research shows are the nutrients children in this age group are most often deficient in. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, a blend of B vitamins, and more to provide immune support, help maintain bone health, and reduce tiredness and fatigue in growing children.

As your child continues to grow, our collection of liquid vitamins for kids also includes a strawberry-flavoured children’s multivitamin spray to provide antioxidant, immune, and bone health support, thanks to a carefully chosen blend of beneficial vitamins for kids.

We also stock a wide range of supplements for adults, including vitamin supplements and botanical supplements. Browse our full collection of liquid supplements today.