5 Simple Tips For Glowing Skin

Winter is on its way and autumn has already started playing its tricks on our skin by causing dry patches and dehydration. Here are some easy tips and tricks to help retain moisture and improve the appearance of your skin before winter is at our doorstep.

Eat More Veggies

Forget to top up your acids because you lead a busy life? There’s a reason the doctors says to eat your 5-a-day. Simply pick up some nutrient-rich vegetables such as broccoli (offers a great amount of Vitamin D), carrots, peppers, sweet potato and spinach to prevent cellular damage (as well as skin hydrating benefits).

Supplement It

It isn’t recommended to replace food with supplements, but it’s a great idea to take them synonymously. You can read up about the benefits of Vitamin C and Vitamin D here. Having these extra nutrients helps to speed up the regeneration of damaged cells and speed up renewal time.

Wear Your Sunscreen

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but SPF truly is an exceptional way of improving the health and radiance of your skin. According to dermatologist Doris Day, 95% of wrinkles that we find on our complexion are from sun exposure. Thus, topping up on SPF is vital, and be sure not to slack during wintertime as UV rays still linger even when the sun isn’t visible (this is also the case when sitting next to windows as UV rays can penetrate glass).

Use HA Acids

Thirsty skin? Hyaluronic acid is an exceptional acid to use to improve hydration. This heavy-hitting acid has the ability to hold its own weight and is present in an abundance of skincare products you find on the market. You can read more about hyaluronic acid and its benefits here.

Hydrate with H2O

Our skin requires as much hydration as possible for glow, radiance and flexibility. Even with the slightest amount of dehydration, your skin has the ability to look grey, tired and quite dry. What’s better than drinking a good few glasses of water a day to increase your rate of hydration? The added benefit to this is that the minerals found within the water will boost hydration to your hair and overall body, too. You could also try herbal and caffeine-free teas if the water isn’t really a preference.