Why Nutrivitality Immune Support is SO good for Summer

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When we think of summer, we tend to think about sunny days in a local park or on holiday, sun beaming down, and an ice cream in hand. However, the ultraviolet light in the Sun’s rays can dramatically affect the health of your skin, and your immune system.

Vitamin C Helps to Prevent Damage cause by the Sun

Exposure to the Sun’s ultraviolet rays over a prolonged period damages cells, changing them into free-radicals which pass on their undesirable traits to other cells. Vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant that helps removes damaged cells from the body, lessening the damage done by the harmful rays and even neutralising those pesky free-radicals.

Vitamin C Boosts Collagen Formation

Without vitamin C, collagen cannot be produced and tissues start to break down leading to the symptoms of scurvy. The human body can not make its own vitamin c so it is important that we get enough each day through dietary means, either by supplements or food items high in vitamin c.

As the Sun’s rays can damage skin, it is important to understand the role that collagen can have in aiding your skins repairing mechanism. Higher levels of available Collagen also increases skin firmness, skin elasticity and our ability to heal quickly and thoroughly, preventing scarring!

Hay Fever

Did you know that Vitamin C works as a natural antihistamine? Yep it certainly does and here’s how it works.

Firstly, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory, acting to reduce inflammation in parts of the body that are suffering, such as in hayfever, the eyes or nose etc. Secondly, it calms down allergic reactions, so you won’t feel the effects quite so acutely. Thirdly, it supports the immune system, so while your body is being put under stress by the hay fever, it helps prevent contracting an illness.


Longer days means you can do more, don’t let tiredness and fatigue stop you doing your thing! Vitamin C helps maintain proper adrenal function responsible for regulating hormones related to our fatigue and stress levels. Additionally, vitamin C is also needed to help absorb iron properly and can help prevent anemia, another cause of fatigue. Vitamin B6 has the ability to improve your metabolism. It helps your body break down proteins. As a result of this, your body can produce energy more quickly. This can be especially beneficial if you lead an active lifestyle and exercise often.

How can Nutrivitality help?

Nutrivitality is made using NutriProtect Liposomal Technology which is scientifically proven to improve absorption of vitamins and nutrients. By protecting the vitamins in a Liposomal bubble, more of the nutrient is likely to reach the place where your body needs in most, meaning it is more effective than off the shelf alternatives. Nutrivitality is packed full of this technology