How Liposomes Improve Vitamin Absorption

Do you know what liposomes are? You might be aware that all of our Nutrivitality vitamin supplements use liposomal technology to deliver their ingredients to your body. Liposomal vitamins are designed to deliver maximum nutrients to where they need to be in the body compared to other types of vitamins like pills or capsules.

Keep reading to discover what liposomes are, how they work, and why they’re the best choice for vitamin absorption.

What Are Liposomes?

Liposomes are at the heart of our vitamin supplements, but what exactly are they? All of our vitamins come in liquid form, with liposomal technology enabling maximum vitamin absorption. Our Nutrivitality scientists spent over 10 years developing our unique NutriProtect® technology, with the aim of improving vitamin absorption to give you the maximum dose of nutrients from the supplements you’re taking. Read more about how the body absorbs vitamins.

NutriProtect® is a scientifically proven method of nutrient delivery using optimised liposomes. The liposomes encase the supplement in a sort of life jacket to keep all of their important nutrients intact until they reach your gut. This means you’re getting maximum vitamin absorption from the supplements you’re taking, meaning you can benefit from more of the ingredients they contain.

How Do Liposomes Work?

Now for the science bit: we now know what liposomes are, but how exactly does liposomal technology work? Liposomes are made of special fatty acids, known as phospholipids, which form an insoluble bubble that protects the nutrient from the harsh environment of the digestive system. This ensures that it retains its integrity until it’s delivered to the gut, where it is absorbed by the body, so you can start experiencing the vitamin’s benefits.

Once they’re in the bloodstream, liposomes gravitate to the site of any cell damage, and the phospholipids are stripped away to be used by the body to build new cells. At this stage, the liposomal vitamin’s nutrients are released in pristine condition, ready at the site of the issue.

Nutrivitality’s liposomal technology delivers levels of nutrients that other types of vitamins can’t. All of our vitamin supplements contain these liposomes, which is what makes our products more effective than other vitamins on the market.

Why Liposomes Are The Best Choice For Vitamin Absorption

Did you know that traditional vitamin tablets only deliver around 10% of the vitamins they contain into your body? This is due to two factors:

However, the protective ‘life jacket’ that liposomal vitamins have ensures you’re getting maximum vitamin absorption compared to traditional vitamin tablets and other types of non-liposomal vitamins such as liquid drops and sprays. This is why liposomes are the best choice for vitamin absorption.

Our NutriProtect technology guarantees that the liposomes in our supplements have been designed in the laboratory to ensure optimised nutrition delivery at a nano-scale. Liposome size and stability is important, and you can be sure you’re getting specially optimised liposomes when you choose vitamins from Nutrivitality.

Discover Nutrivitality’s Liposomal Vitamins

Take better care of your health and wellbeing with liposomal vitamins that offer the best possible vitamin absorption from Nutrivitality. Make sure you’re actually benefiting from the vitamin ingredients you’re consuming and aren’t losing vital support along the way.

Our range of liposomal supplements includes:

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Find the right formula for you and experience the benefits of liposomes for yourself. Shop our full range of liquid vitamin supplements.