Unique Ways to get Your 10,000 Steps In

10,000 is the benchmark for the number of steps we’re supposed to reach daily. However, the number came from the name ‘manpo-kei’, a Japanese pedometer which translates to ‘10,000 steps metre’.

While 10,000 steps just caught on from the name, there is information to suggest that healthy adults manage to perform between 4,000 and 18,000 steps a day. So regular movement and physical activity is what you should be aiming for.

Nevertheless, hitting your 10,000 step mark gives you a sense of satisfaction and an excellent way to monitor your movement for the day. So whether you’re aiming for 5,000 steps and a gym session, 15,000 steps or the magical 10,000, we’ve come up with some unique ways to up your step count.

Park Further Away

Forget finding the closest spot and start thinking about parking a bit further away in the car park. It’s an easy way to add more steps to your day. For example, if you get the bus, why not hop off a stop early and boost your step count. Also, if you can walk to wherever you’re heading, then even better. You’ll gain more steps and feel like you’ve helped the planet that little bit more.

Get Drinking

Use a smaller glass for drinking water, and you’ll have to get up more frequently to top it up. Not only does that up to your step count, but it also makes you need the loo more. That leads us on to…

Long Way to the Loo

Having drunk all that water, you’ll likely need to visit the loo more frequently. Of course, that’s an excellent way to add to your step tally, but if you also walk to a loo that’s a bit further away, you’ll bump your total up even more. Plus, it gives your eyes a chance to rest from the screen for longer.

Ditch the Lift

Whenever you need to go up and down a floor, it’s easy to take the lift option. It just makes sense. Well, not anymore; start climbing up those stairs and watch the steps rack up. Also, it’s often quicker than waiting for the lift.

Walk Through Adverts

Next time you’re sitting watching TV and the adverts come on, march on the spot instead of looking at your phone, getting a biscuit or fast-forwarding. You’ll be surprised how many steps you’ll rack up during a few three-minute breaks.

Treadmill Desk

Ok, so we’re getting into more serious territory now. A treadmill desk is a more serious investment, not to be taken lightly. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to part with some of your hard-earned money, then a walking desk might be the way forward, not literally, of course.

Walk a Dog

Ok, so firstly, a dog is a big commitment, and we aren’t suggesting you get a dog to help your step count. However, if you have a dog or know someone who does, then taking it for a walk will increase your count and be enjoyable too. Also, if you want to be entrepreneurial, you could start a dog walking business on the side.