Macular Degeneration – What Is It, and How Can We Avoid It?

Did you know that, as we age, we become at risk of losing our eyesight for good?

As we get older, out eyesight begins to deteriorate. The leading cause of vision loss is something called ‘Macular Degeneration’ – this occurs when a small central portion of the retina, known as the macula, begins to weaken. This which can severely impair vision in those over 60.

While ageing is the primary cause of Macular Degeneration, it’s also linked to our genes, smoking, diet, and high blood pressure.

Actress Judi Dench famously struggles with the condition, admitting she inherited it from her Mother who also struggled with it.

She shared with Woman & Home magazine, “I have macular degeneration, which means treatment every six weeks, but you just have to settle for it.

“Because my eyesight is so bad, I can’t actually see very much.”

According to the NHS, macular degeneration is a relatively painless condition but one that could lead to clinical blindness. Currently 600,000 people in the UK struggle with the condition, and unfortunately there is no cure.

While we can’t cure the condition, there are steps we can take in order to slow down macular degeneration and protect our eyesight. 

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