How To Make The Most Of Lockdown 3.0

As we all saw the New Year in, it’s fair to say most if not all of us were looking forward to a better year than the last. Hopes of meeting friends, heading back to pubs and restaurants, and going on holiday felt like they maybe wouldn’t be too far away. Then we all hear the news that COVID-19 is at it again and we’re in lockdown once again. It felt like those early New Year Dreams were starting to fade and that some sense of normality is still some way out of reach. However, we’ve been thinking that although it’s a bump in the road a vaccine is being circulated as we speak, and the warmer weather is on the horizon. With any luck, it’s the final push. So, while we’re in a lockdown again, why not make the most of it? Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Save Some Money

It’s January, which means we probably spent a decent amount of money on Christmas presents last month and our bank accounts/credit cards are feeling it. January is usually a time we try to reign in our spending, with pubs, restaurants and shops shut, it seems a better time than ever to try and put a bit more aside. Sure, there are sales online but be honest with yourself you don’t need any more hoodies or jogging bottoms to wear at home, you already bought loads in the first lockdown. As they say, you’re not saving money if you weren’t going to buy it in the first place.

Get Fit

Getting fit is probably a New Year resolution for a lot of people and with a third lockdown now is the time to really give it that push. Put some time aside a few times a week and try to be consistent all the way through the lockdown. Consistency is the best way to see results and if you stick to it through lockdown the chances are, you’ll probably keep it up afterwards. Plus, exercising is great for the body and the mind. Speaking of the mind:


The benefits of meditation seem to be ever-expanding, including reducing stress, improving sleep, controlling anxiety, reducing memory loss, and enhancing self-awareness, to name a few. During these uncertain and stressful coronavirus times, practising meditation can help you decompress and clear your mind meaning you’ll feel more relaxed. There are plenty of apps available to help you get started, and just 10 minutes in the morning can work its wonders.

Get Cooking

If you don’t consider yourself a good cook, there has probably never been a better time to learn. Watch some videos, read some cookbooks and start cooking. Having a few go-to recipes has never hurt anyone. If you learn a recipe you can batch cook and freeze it will save you time. Plus, having some you can easily defrost, reheat and eat is great when you’re in a rush or just feeling lazy. For those that can cook, why not try cooking something new or trying to learn a new cooking skill. You’ll thank yourself later.

Pick Up Some Hobbies

At the beginning of the first lockdown, we all tried to pick up a new hobby or restart an old hobby, but let’s be honest how many of us have carried on doing it? Plus, how many of us felt guilty for not pursuing that hobby enough when we could in the first lockdown or felt guilty for not keeping going. Talk about second chances, well, third chances in this case.

So, now most of us have a bit of extra time spare, why not pick up that guitar, start reading again or crack on with that half-knitted scarf. Whatever it is you started or keep wanting to start, there certainly is no time like the present to dive headfirst into it and start creating a habit.

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