How to Feel Awesome this Autumn

You may have noticed that the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn.

As the colour of the world around us begins to change, so does the temperature! The dark mornings are here, and just that little bit colder. We may have already reached bleary eyed for the central heating dial.

Autumn and Winter are synonymous with cold and flu, so what can be done to help keep that cold at bay?

1. Stay warm

Being cold doesn’t mean you have a cold, but maintaining your body temperature can keep those energy levels up and make you less susceptible to contracting a virus. When your immune system is fatigued, it is less effective at fighting off the blighters, leading to fully blown hostile take-over! It’s time to get that scarf out again.

2. Maintain airflow

Closing windows and sticking the heating on can keep you warm, but in offices and your homes it can mean that airborne germ particles and dust is recirculated. If someone coughs or sneezes, the germs have nowhere to go, and increase your chances of getting ill dramatically.

3. Get your vitamins

Boosting your vitamin intake can help fight off those nasty germs, so you recover quicker, and they also protect you from catching a cold in the first place. It’s possible to get your recommended daily vitamins from food alone, although some find taking supplements an easier way to ensure they keep their intake level topped up.

4. Maintain exercise

Don’t let the darkness, cold and rain stop you from getting out and about. Exercise improves blood flow, and helps you maintain your well-being; making it a little easier to get out of bed on those bleak mornings, and giving you more energy to fight off any pesky illness that comes your way.

5. Eat hearty meals

As well as keeping up on those essential nutrients, autumnal fayre such as stews, and fruit crumbles help keep you warm inside too. Psychologically, eating well during the colder months can lead to feeling cosy in your surroundings and therefore more happy, especially when the nights are drawing in.