6 Things to do this Jubilee Weekend

As Her Majesty the Queen marks her landmark 70 years on the throne, we’ve been treated to a four-day weekend. If you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t work bank holidays, then it’s a great time to kick back and enjoy yourself. However, if finding something to do for four days is a bit daunting, here are a few ideas to make the most out of those extra days.

Street/Garden Party

Yes, get the bunting up, prep the cucumber sandwiches, and pour the Pimm’s. It’s time for a party. Street and garden parties are synonymous with a Jubilee and a quintessentially British tradition. Whether involving the whole street or just a few friends, is there a better excuse to get a few people together and have a good time?

Play a Board Game

As it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, there is a strong likelihood that we’ll encounter some inclement weather over the four days. Suppose this is the case; what better way to spend a few hours playing a board game. It might be something you don’t often do, but you’ll wonder why you don’t break out the board games more regularly as soon as you get going.

Go for a Walk

If the weather is favourable, heading to a local park or the local countryside and going for a good walk is a great way to get some fresh air. In addition, going for a walk can help boost your immune system, boost your energy and spark creative thoughts. Also, it might help your waistline, particularly good if you overindulged at a Jubilee party.


Pack up the picnic basket, grab a frisbee and a blanket and treat head out for a picnic. If you’re going for a walk, like the suggestion above, then it’s an ideal accompaniment. Find yourself a nice spot next to some water or a nice view, and you can spend hours nibbling away on food and chatting with loved ones.


There’s no doubt you’ll be near an attraction or several wherever you are in the UK. If you’ve never been or not visited for a while, the Jubilee is a great time to give it a go. Whether it’s a zoo, gardens, a museum, a bowling alley or a climbing wall, there are myriad options for every budget. A quick internet search should bring up some results if you’re stuck for ideas.

Watch the Celebrations

Many television programmes are celebrating Her Majesty the Queen throughout the weekend. First, there’s a Platinum Party at the Palace, seeing entertainers including George Ezra take to the stage. Then, there’s the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, which combines various forms of entertainment and includes Ed Sheeran and others. Finally, there are different Jubilee-specific specials for many popular programmes, including the Repair Shop, Eastenders, etc.

Find out what events are taking place in your area by clicking here.