6 Of The Best Vitamins For Women

There are several essential vitamins needed for optimum health and wellbeing. Women’s vitamins can help replenish any that might be lacking, helping women to feel and perform at their best. The best vitamins for women will largely depend on individual needs but, on the whole, there are some vitamins that everyone can benefit from including in their routine.

Why Take Women’s Vitamins?

Vitamins provide multiple benefits, from increasing energy levels and maintaining bone health to supporting the immune system. Essential vitamins for women help to improve overall health so that women can take on day-to-day tasks like work and exercise, or even face bigger challenges like running a marathon.

Although we can get vitamins and minerals from the food we eat, or even just from being outdoors, busy lives can mean that we don’t always get the right amount of vitamins. This is where vitamin supplements come in. Taking women’s vitamins makes up for any shortcomings in our diet to ensure that we don’t miss out on the essential vitamins needed to fire on all cylinders. Some vitamins, like vitamin D are also more abundant in the summer months and it’s much harder to get the right amount in winter. Women’s vitamins featuring vitamin D counteract this unavoidable shortfall to keep us feeling healthy in every season.

The Best Vitamins For Women

Let’s take a look at some of the best vitamins for women and what each vitamin does:

1. Vitamin C

Did you know that vitamin C cannot be stored in the body so you need a steady supply of it? You can get vitamin C from a number of foods, including oranges and broccoli, but maintaining the right levels can be made easier with women’s vitamins. 

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that boosts the body’s antioxidant levels. It’s responsible for protecting cells and keeping them healthy, helping to maintain healthy skin, bones, and blood vessels. Vitamin C has even been shown to lower blood pressure, boost immunity, and help wounds to heal quicker. 

Anyone suffering from a vitamin C deficiency is likely to feel tired and lethargic, and may even be irritable more often. Women’s vitamins containing vitamin C can combat these negative symptoms and contribute to an overall healthier body.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D comes from sunlight – the body produces vitamin D when we’re outside in direct sunlight. This is why we have naturally higher levels of vitamin D in the summer months, and why it’s advisable to get outside as often as possible. 

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for women because it helps absorb calcium, which is crucial for strong bones. Women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones, because of fluctuating levels of oestrogen during the menopause. You can find out if you have a vitamin D deficiency so that you can start taking daily women’s vitamins with vitamin D to protect and strengthen bones now.

3. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 comes with a range of benefits, from the production of immune boosting  red blood cells to healthy nerve function. Although the reason why is not yet fully understood, there is also some evidence to show that not having enough vitamin B12 can reduce serotonin levels and lead to a low mood.

B12 is one of the particularly essential vitamins for women during pregnancy too, as it supports the brain and nervous system of a developing foetus. 

With so many benefits, B12 is arguably one of the best vitamins for women and so it may seem surprising that it’s not naturally produced in the body. With this in mind, a vitamin B12 supplement is definitely one to consider and a great supplement to use when you want to take good care of yourself.

4. Iron

Iron is undeniably one of the most essential vitamins for women. Iron aids in the production of red blood cells so that oxygen can be carried around the body effectively. When all of our organs get enough oxygen, they’re better able to perform at their best. When we don’t have enough iron, we can experience fatigue and reduced energy levels. Iron, therefore, helps women to do many of the things they need to do every day.

An iron supplement is also strongly recommended for pregnant women. The reason it is one of the best vitamins for women during pregnancy is that iron helps to make more blood to then carry oxygen to the baby. It is also a good idea to take an iron supplement if you have a heavy menstrual cycle and lose a lot of blood each month.

5. B9

Vitamin B9 is a folate. It helps to break down harmful amino acids and produces healthy red blood cells. It is most useful when the body is experiencing rapid growth, for example during adolescence or pregnancy. Vitamin B9 works in partnership with other essential vitamins for women like iron and B12. These three, when used together – like with our Iron, B9 & B12 formula – can help to improve your energy levels, aid metabolism, and support immune function and cognitive health.

6. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is primarily an antioxidant. It helps to clear out free radicals, which can damage cells in the body and also strengthens the immune system. Vitamin E can contribute to healthy skin and eyes too, leaving you looking more refreshed. Vitamin E is present in foods such as meat, eggs and poultry, and so can be one of the best vitamins for women who follow a plant-based diet.

Other Essential Vitamins For Women

There is no shortage of vitamins and minerals that, when used in the right amount, can improve your body. The list above includes some of the most popular essential vitamins for women, but there are some other options to consider:

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