5 Ways to More Steps When WFH

We have been spending a lot of time working from home recently and have found that our step count has been on a steep decline (no pun intended). Despite this, we have found five ways to up our step count and thought we’d share them with you to help you hit the 10,000 steps we all aim for.

Walk on your Lunch Break

It may seem like an obvious one, but if you have time to go for a walk during your lunch break, it’s an easy way to up your step count.

Stay Hydrated in Small Amounts

Rather than taking a big glass or a large jug of water to your desk, by taking a smaller glass of water with you, you’ll finish it sooner and have to refill it more often. This means you can walk to the sink or fridge and refill your water and get a few steps in at the same time.

Start Marching

When you next have a phone call or teams meeting, why not pace up and down by your desk? It sounds simple, but you may be surprised how many steps you can rack up by just walking up and down while chatting.

Longer Loo Break

If you have two toilets in your house, then walk that bit extra to the one furthest away from you. You probably go to the one closest to you out of habit, but if you make an effort to go to the other, you can top up those steps a bit more each day.


Ok, you’re working from home, which means your current commute consists of getting out of bed and walking to your computer. However, nothing is stopping you from having a fake commute before work. When you’re up and dressed, head outside, do a quick walk around the block and head back into your house and get to work and do the same again when you’ve finished. Not only does this up your step count, but it also provides a clear beginning and end to your working day and ensures you get a nice amount of fresh air each day.