5 Second Uses for Hand Sanitiser

Yep, you heard correct. If you believe hand sanitiser is solely for sanitising your hands, you’re wrong. It can be used in a multitude of ways and can assist you during those emergency moments where you might just need a helping hand.

Deodrant Substitute

With the summer months here and the warmth of the sun making it easier for sweat glands to come alive, it’s vital (and simply standard hygiene) to keep clean and fresh, especially when you’re not alone. But have you ever had a moment where you’ve got little time on your hands and realised you’re out of deodorant? A quick fix is to rub hand sanitiser in your armpits as it kills odour-causing bacteria and germs.

Quick Acne Relief

Got a painful looking spot that doesn’t seem to want to go away? Try using hand sanitiser on it. The inflammation you get with a spot is caused by bacteria, so dabbing a small amount of sanitiser to the spot will give you immediate relief. Another great use is on bug bites, so if you’re out and about and come across those dreaded midge flies, you know what to do!

As A Dry Shampoo

Hand sanitisers are truly multi-functional as they can also work as dry shampoo. If you’ve no time to hop in the shower, try hand sanitiser by squeezing a little onto your hands and massaging it lightly into the roots. And voila! A product giving you clean hair whilst acting as a dry shampoo.

Cleaning Your Office Space

Since many of us are currently working from home, workspaces can become grimy and dusty. Thus it’s vital that we keep our workspaces clean and hygienic. To address the problem of a dirty workspace, keep your hands clean and wipe down your keyboard and mouse with hand sanitiser on a microfiber cloth (be sure to unplug it first).

Wipe Down A Public Toilet Seat

Ever came across an unclean toilet seat in a public toilet? Probably many, many times. Simply squirt some hand sanitiser on toilet paper to wipe down the surface (above and below the seat to prevent transferring germs). This will give you peace of mind when having to share the seat with strangers.

So, now if you’re ever on-the-go and have been put in emergency situations such as above, be sure to tuck a bottle of sanitiser into your purse. With all these newfound uses of cleaning away bacteria and germs, it’s well worth having with you at all times.