5 Family Activities To Do This Summer Holiday

The summer holidays can be a tough time when you have children, no matter how many toys and games they have it’s inevitable the ‘I’m bored’ statement will come out at some point. It’s easy to get caught up with work, housework and just trying to take care of your children. However, planning in some family activities during the summer holidays is a great way to keep their boredom at bay and getting some quality time together. Here’s a few activity ideas to keep you busy.

Visit an attraction (zoo, museum, castle etc.)

It may seem like an obvious option, but there’s a reason for why attractions are so popular, they are a great way to spend a day. Whether you’d prefer to go to a theme park, a zoo, a museum, a castle or a park there’s something for every family and every budget. You can make it a bit of a road trip and travel further afield to your attraction or stay close to home. Whatever you decide with a bit of planning your bound to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

Go swimming

A classic summer holiday activity. Not only is swimming great fun for all ages, it’s good for our health too. Swimming recruits a large percentage of the muscles in our body, is low impact and is also a cardiovascular exercise making it a triple threat in the health stakes. While the previous fact is probably not enough to convince the children to put down their phone or look away from the telly, the fact that a large percentage of pools now have slides, wave machines or obstacle courses is bound to peak their interest. We can keep the healthy bit between us.

Have a picnic

Yep, dig out the wicker basket, fold up the gingham blanket, pack a frisbee and head to a local park. Ok, so you don’t need any of the stereotypical picnic stuff, but a picnic is always fun. If you want to make the activity last longer you can get the whole family prepping the food to take and even bake some cakes for a sweet treat. However, if you are a bit tight on time, a picnic can be over within an hour and a half. Even though it may not have to take long it’s still some quality family time in the fresh air.

Go for a bike ride

Another that is enjoyable and good exercise at the same time. A humble bike ride can be a brilliant family activity and is a great option for when your children seem to have unlimited amounts of energy. While roads these days may seem like a bit of a dangerous option for a steady family cycle, and we agree, a park and river/canal paths are perfectly viable options. For those wanting something a bit more exciting you could always head to a velodrome or find a mountain bike route.

Play a board game or complete a jigsaw puzzle

It’s almost certain that at some point during the summer we will see some bad weather. If your family activity plans are scuppered by such an occurrence, then a board game or a jigsaw is a surefire winner. Get everyone to put their phones away and dig out monopoly, chess, scrabble, buckaroo, a puzzle, a jigsaw or whatever your family prefer and get started. It’s amazing how quickly everyone can become invested in a board game. Just maybe dial the competitiveness down a few notches or you might scare the children.