3 Stretches to Start Your Morning

We know what it’s like in the morning, the alarm goes off, you hit snooze – this probably happens a couple of times – when you get out of bed in a bit of a rush. Well, if you get up when your alarm goes off the first time, or even Serthe second time, you might find that you have enough time to get a quick stretch routine in.

The benefits of stretching are wide-ranging. From improving flexibility and range of motion to increasing blood flow and helping to heal and prevent back pain to calming your mind, the list could go on. So, we’ve found three stretches to start your morning that will help you feel calm, more flexible and ready for the day.

Chest Stretch

Perfect for those who work at a desk, this chest stretch not only releases tightness in the chest it can help to relieve a tight upper back and neck muscles.

In front of a door frame, raise your arms out to the side until you make a T-shape. Then lean your body through the door while keeping your arms against the walls and door frame. You should feel a stretch across your chest.

Child’s Pose

A yoga pose, Child’s Pose, not only helps to calm the mind and relieve stress it also helps to stretch your spine, hips and thighs.

Sit on your knees with heels under your hips, inhale, stretching your spine tall. Exhale, pushing your bum backwards, lean forwards pushing your hands out along the floor. Your face should be just off the floor with arms outstretched. Hold in this position for a few deep breaths.

Downward Facing Dog

Great for relieving fatigue, relaxing the back, and energising your muscles, Downward Facing Dog also helps stretch your spine, hamstrings and calve muscles.

Start in a plank position, raise your hips, and keep your arms and legs straight, pushing your heels towards the ground (note: they don’t have to touch the ground and probably won’t). Make sure to keep your spine neutral. When your hips are at the highest point, push into your hands and roll your shoulders away from your ears, down your back. Take a few deep breaths and then slowly return to the starting position.