Zinc is traditionally understood to be the “masculine mineral” which, when deficient, can result in physical conditions like recurrent infections, weakness, delayed growth and infertility, but more often mental and emotional illnesses. Zinc is an essential mineral critical to tissue growth and repair, wound healing, sperm production, and is necessary for over three hundred enzyme reactions in the body, so deficiency can have far-reaching effects.

Zinc is so critical that even a small deficiency can result in mental and emotional illness, lowered immunity and frequent infections, bowel problems, skin diseases, muscle weakness, reduced strength and endurance, delayed growth and development, changes in appetite, reduced taste (hypoguesia) and sense of smell (hyposmia), infertility and lowered libido. A zinc deficiency may also result in various types of copper excess and mental and emotional illnesses like anxiety, panic attacks, clinical depression, heavy PMS and post-partum psychological problems, schizophrenia, autism, Tourette syndrome, hyperactivity, cognitive impairment and even senile dementia.


About Zinc

When the body’s zinc level falls this not only has a negative effect on the body’s ability to defend itself, grow, repair and reproduce but it also has negative consequences on bowel, immune, skin, muscle and, in particular, mental health; often resulting mental and emotional illness. Although physical symptoms may often be obvious, the cause may not be well understood, and the psychiatric symptoms in particular often get misdiagnosed as illnesses in their own right by doctors and psychiatrists unfamiliar with this simple biochemical imbalance, and they may resort to prescribing pharmaceutical drugs to manage symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. Once a blood measurement has confirmed the deficiency, the condition responds well to supplementation.

What people think

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