The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin D And Overall Health

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Over the past few years, Vitamin D has become more and more prevalent as a supplement. This is due to the fact that studies have shown a lack of Vitamin D causes significant deficiencies in the human body.

Back in the good old days of the 1800s, a Polish physician found that rickets, a disorder in the human skeleton had an occurrence rate that was extremely high. Due to this, the physician utilised cod liver oil to successfully treat many children due to their shockingly low lack of sun exposure living in industrial centres as opposed to the countryside.

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is a fat-soluble that is absorbed into the human body that is then stored within the liver. Vitamin D comes from natural light (sunshine) and the more UV rays that the body is exposed to, the more vitamin is produced within the skin. It can also be consumed when eating fish and other foods, including cheese and egg yolks.

Fundamentally, Vitamin D plays a role in supporting and building bone strength. As we begin to soak in the rays from the sun, the body begins to absorb calcium from the kidneys to help strengthen your bones. However, the levels of Vitamin D can vary from place to place. So variable factors such as the season, location, and time of day play a massive role in your levels of Vitamin D.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are spending a lot of time indoors and don’t consume a lot of dairy or fish, you will be much more likely to have or to end up with a Vitamin D deficiency. Symptoms of the deficiency can include (but aren’t limited to) depression, chronic fatigue, low bone density, low immunity, which means you tend to get sick more often than those that take in more Vitamin D.

Overall, Vitamin D is known to aid your immune system, thereby reducing the likeness of chronic conditions, which include depression or heart and liver disease. As mentioned previously, if you live in cities where the sunlight isn’t as easy to catch as it would be to those living in the countryside, it may be time to consider Vitamin D supplements to make the most of its benefits and steer clear of any deficiencies.

Likewise, when Vitamin D3 & K2 are combined and used as supplements, they offer a reduced risk in osteoarthritis and a shortened risk of fractures.

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