Your Immune System

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Your immune system is what keeps you away from diseases and infections. Since coronavirus is still a huge threat to people around the world, so if you aren’t keeping on top of your health, you could be at risk of catching it. This is especially if you have one of the below underlying issues.

As mentioned, our immune system is the defence against infection in our bodies. However, with coronavirus, we are susceptible to foreign invaders that enter and infect our bodies. The average body has cells that take around 10 days to create antibodies and even those with the strongest of bodies may be unlucky enough to catch it.

Nonetheless, immunity will affect how deadly a virus is and whether you are to catch the virus. Thus, understanding and trying to promote immunity, especially in this climate is an utmost necessity.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which allows cells to perform their job as effectively as possible.

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