Taking Nutrivitality
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Taking Nutrivitality

How do I take Nutrivitality?

You should take one sachet a day on an empty stomach, either directly from the sachet itself, or in a cold drink.

When should I take Nutrivitality?

Nutrivitality can be enjoyed at any time of the day. However we do recommend you take the products on an empty stomach to increase absorption into the body even further.

Taking Nutrivitality late at night may give you a boost of energy which could interrupt your sleep regime.

For best results, we recommend that you do not take Nutrivitality at the same time as having a hot drink.

Can I take more than one product in the range?

Yes. Nutrivitality products are formulated so that you can take them with other products in the range, depending on your goals.

How many sachets can I take each day?

We recommend one sachet per day, or up to two sachets per day if your body is under stress. For any additional consumption, you should contact your healthcare practitioner.

Can I mix Nutrivitality into another liquid?

Nutrivitality can be taken direct from the sachet, or mixed into cold drinks before consuming. Nutrivitality should not be added to hot drinks, as this may decrease the effectiveness of the product.

Can children take Nutrivitality?

Our products are formulated for consumption by adults. Please consult your child's healthcare practitioner before giving your child Nutrivitality.

Can I add my Nutrivitality to a smoothie?

Our product goes very nicely with smoothies. However, we recommend adding Nutrivitality after you have made the smoothie, as using a blender or food processor will damage the product.

Is Nutrivitality suitable for someone who is pregnant or breast-feeding?

Nutrivitality contains essential vitamins required by the body. However, we would recommend you discuss any supplements you are planning to take with a healthcare practitioner before doing so.


Is Nutrivitality GMO free?

Yes. Nutrivitality is made with non-GMO products.

Do you use preservatives in your products?

We use a small amount of preservatives in our products to ensure they are kept and reach you in the best condition. We chose the types of preservative and quantities very carefully to minimise them in our products.

Do Nutrivitality products contain allergens?

Allergens information varies depending on the product in the Nutrivitality range. Please view the nutritional information on the relevant product page.

How much natural flavouring is in Nutrivitality?

We use a small amount of natural flavouring in our products to ensure they are enjoyable to take. We chose the type of natural flavouring and quantities very carefully to minimise them in our products.

How many calories are there in Nutrivitality?

Each sachet contains less than five kCal.


What is the shelf life?

Nutrivitality has, on average, a six-month shelf-life upon receipt. 5ml foil sachets keep the product in prime condition until ready to consume.

Where should I keep my Nutrivitality?

Nutrivitality products are most comfortable at 8-20ºC. We therefore recommend storing the product in a cool dry area, out of direct sunlight.

If my Nutrivitality has got too hot/cold, can I still take it?

Yes. In our tests Nutrivitality can withstand higher and lower temperatures over short periods of time. If Nutrivitality has been left in excessive hot/cold environments for longer than two weeks, the effectiveness of the liposome protection may reduce.

Why is the product in sachets?

We have chosen our packaging very carefully to ensure the product reaches you in the best possible condition, is kept fresh, and without any possibility of contamination from the atmosphere.

Nutrivitality foil pouches contain a specially-patented design to ensure that none of the outer foil ever comes into contact with the product – making sure that the supplement is completely cocooned and untouched until you open it. We pride ourselves on this attention to detail, which allows us to produce the best liposomal products.

Is your packaging BPA-free?

Yes, our packaging is BPA-free. Our packaging also does not include phthalates, adipates or any heavy metals.


How do I get in touch with you?

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When will my order be delivered?

Upon checkout and confirmation of order, you should receive your order within two to three working days. If you have not received your delivery after this time, please contact us using the details here.