Benefits of Liquid Vitamins Over Traditional Pills

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Here at Nutrivitality, we have spent a thorough 10 years of research and development on manufacturing our NutriProtect technology to enable our customers to attain the highest absorption of nutritional supplements on the market.

Our liposomal technology provides you with 8 times more vitamins and nutrients into your body than the traditional pill. According to research, traditional supplements such as capsules and other pills on the market offer you merely 10% of vitamins and minerals that they contain into your body. Whereas our NutriProtect liposomal technology contains over 15 million liposomes, providing you with 80% of absorption. The nutrients are then delivered effectively into your body where it is needed the most.

Liquid and Liposomal Vitamins

Liquid and liposomal vitamins are now a much-preferred method for ingesting supplements due to an array of benefits that they have over the traditional pill/capsule. One of the biggest benefits is that the consumption of supplements in liquid form is easily digestible as opposed to capsules/tablets, allowing better absorption of medicinal properties.

Liquid and liposomal vitamins are well suited for those that struggle ingesting pills/capsules. This includes children or elderly as well as those with digestive and absorption difficulties. Liquid and liposomal vitamins can be diluted in juices, thus are easier to take regularly.

Liquid vitamins are much more readily broken down and absorbed in comparison to traditional vitamin pills. The reason behind this is due to the fact that our liposomes within the specific product have been created to act as a life jacket (almost like a bubble particle) to protect the ingredients of vitamins and minerals from early degradation, promoting biodistribution of them.

Likewise, within the liquid and liposomal vitamins, bioavailability is much more prevalent as liquid vitamins are absorbed into the bloodstream soon after ingestion. With traditional pills, however, they do not break down and dissolve as quickly to be absorbed. Liquid vitamins provide higher potency and depending on your dosage, can provide you with higher absorption rates than the traditional pill.

Nutrivitality boasts a multitude of liquid vitamin products, from Liposomal Vitamin C and Glutamine to Liquid Iodine and Vitamin B12. You can check out the full Nutrivitality Liquid and Liposomal ranges here.